WordPress Plugin Helps Podcasters Get Legal Release

Jan 28th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, How to Podcast

Podcaster Michael Geoghegan has announced Podcast Release, a free WordPress plugin designed to help podcasters with getting legal releases for the use of a guest’s voice or likeness:

“The plugin, when installed, creates a Podcast Release page on your site and provides a link to send to your interview subjects. It also sets up an admin page in your WP admin section to enter whatever release text you require. When your guest comes to the page, they enter their name, email and check that they accept the terms. The plugin then sends an email to both you and your guest with the release text, name, email and the IP address of the submitter.The plugin is not distributed with Release Text because it should be custom tailored for your particular use case. You can cut and paste your current release text or create your own. If you need a example, the Podcast Brothers have posted a release on their site. (It is located in the section right above the shows.)”

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