Gates: Internet TV Will Revolutionize Television In 5 Years

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Bill GatesThe Internet will revolutionize television within five years, due to an explosion of online video content and the merging of PCs and TV sets, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said on Saturday.

“I’m stunned how people aren’t seeing that with TV, in five years from now, people will laugh at what we’ve had,” Gates told business leaders and politicians at the World Economic Forum.

In the years ahead, more and more viewers will want the flexibility offered by online video and abandon conventional broadcast television, with its fixed program slots and advertisements that interrupt shows, Gates said.

“Certain things like elections or the Olympics really point out how TV is terrible. You have to wait for the guy to talk about the thing you care about or you miss the event and want to go back and see it,” he said. “Internet presentation of these things is vastly superior.”

“Because TV is moving into being delivered over the Internet‚Äîand some of the big phone companies are building up the infrastructure for that‚Äîyou’re going to have that experience all together,” Gates said.via PC Magazine

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  1. Murphy says:

    And Microsoft will have their version of a system to stream internet content to home TVs in 10 years—right, Bill?

  2. info says:

    Murphy – think we should hold our breath on that?

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