TNC New Media Announces Sale Of Podcast

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Endurance PlanetTNC New Media, creator of the podcast, announced today that they have sold the online media property and its archive of endurance athlete interviews. The buyer, Kevin Patrick, is an accomplished broadcaster and multisport athlete already producing podcasts for clients.

“We‚Äôve sold the podcast,” Tim Bourquin, CEO of TNC New Media, told Podcasting News. “As far as I know, it‚Äôs the first time a podcast has actually been sold.”

“USA Triathlon and I are looking forward to continuing Tim’s mission of delivering practical and entertaining information for endurance athletes,” said Kevin Patrick. “Long-time listeners of the Endurance Planet podcast can look forward to some exciting new things beginning in March.”

Terms of the sale were not made public.

Since January 2005, has featured interviews with triathlon greats such as Peter Reid, Chris Legh, and Barb Lindquist and running legends Dean Karnazes and Scott Jurek. also found success interviewing “everyday” age-group athletes who compete and train for the love of the sport. From a grandmother who is training to run 50 marathons in 50 states, to Mike Pierce, a.k.a. “Antarctic Mike” who trains in a giant freezer for his marathons in Antarctica, the site has featured athletes at all levels who share their stories, training tips and racing strategies.

“We have always tried to find new ways to stay connected with our members and the multisport community and keep them informed on the latest news, events and personalities in the sport,” said Tim Yount, USA Triathlon senior vice president for marketing and communications. “More and more multisport athletes are using the Internet to gather their information, and audio programming and podcasts are becoming highly popular. We believe that partnering with EndurancePlanet in this effort will allow us to provide our members the content they are looking for in an interesting and innovative way.”

“I’m thrilled that Kevin and USA Triathlon will be continuing the hard work we’ve put into the podcast and producing great content for our audience of endurance athletes,” said Tim Bourquin, CEO of TNC New Media.

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