Four Bizarre New iPod Accessories

Feb 3rd, 2007 | By | Category: iPod Accessories

There seems to be no end to the ingenuity of people that come up with iPod-related gadgets.

Here are four of the stranger new ipod-accessories that we’ve seen:
iPod Hymn Book

The iPod Hymn Book is a leather case designed for 30G and 80G Video iPods. According to the manufacturer, the case will help you protect and worship your MP3 player. You can sync and charge your player directly in the case with full cable access.

But wait! There’s more….

Nike iPod hat

Nike’s Soft Shell Therma-FIT Hatphones look like regular skullcap hats, but they feature fully functioning Nano click-wheel controls in back… you can control your iPod with your hat.

iPod stethoscope

The iPod stethoscope recording package lets you record and playback sounds between a Thinklabs ds32a digital stethoscope and an iPod.

The manufacturer says that this has all sorts of practical applications from BP to ED to ICU. We just can’t shake the image of a doctor coming at us with these, though, while listening to Huey Lewis’s Heart of Rock & Roll.

George ipod stereo

George, above, is the most awesometastic iPod dock ever. It was honored with the Best of Show award at Macworld!

And it costs just $549. For starters.

If you do decide to blow off your house payment for a month, George offers an AM/FM radio, a multi-alarm clock system and the first digital audio system architected for field upgrades for future digital audio sources.

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