New Mobile Service Finds Videos You Want To Watch

Feb 6th, 2007 | By | Category: Mobile Podcasting, Streaming Video

Mywaves mobile video channelsmywaves has introduced a new service, Auto Channels, that lets you create a personalized mobile video channel.

The service works as a content aggregator. You give it a search phrases, and Auto Channels searches the Web and automatically delivers relevant videos your mobile phones. Videos are delivered as a streaming channel. The service checks for new videos that match your search phrase and adds them to the channel daily.

If you like, you can be notified via a text message when new videos are available for viewing.

The service is free.
mywaves is a free service that provides Web-style entertainment on the mobile phone. The service works globally across all 3G, EDGE, EV-DO carriers and most video-capable mobile phones.

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  1. Dale G says:

    I just tried this service out. The most fun I had with it was signing up (the front page is quite pretty). There are clips that you can browse from the site or on a phone – many of them are collected through RSS feeds. But there are still apparently a lot of bugs with the service.

    First, videos are not streamed to the phone. They are sent as an MMS.

    The first video I selected to watch, it said that the clip was too large to be sent to the phone. So, I found another clip to send, and it was successful. But when I got the message, the video was very choppy – starting and stopping. The audio would just belt out a noise for half a second before stalling for another 6-10 seconds. The clip was supposed to be a minute long, but the video had stopped 15 seconds into it; the audio continued its cycle of noise/silence/noise.

    Watching the videos on my PC through the website was not much better.

    This is clearly still in Beta. Anyone else have any better experiences?

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