Warner Music: We Will Not Abandon DRM!

Feb 9th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Music

While Steve Jobs may have a vision for the future of digital music, Warner Music isn’t buying it.

The company said on Thursday it will keep anti-piracy copy protection for digital songs sold on services such as Apple Inc.’s iTunes Music Store. The company’s comments come two days after Apple Inc.’s chief executive Steve Jobs called on the four major music companies to drop digital rights management software as a way to boost digital sales.

Warner Music chief executive Edgar Bronfman Jr. said in a call with analysts that the argument to drop copy protection also known as digital rights management (DRM) is “without logic and merit. We will not abandon DRM.”

via Reuters

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  1. julien says:

    none of them CAN drop it. the first one to drop it basically tells the world that the gig is up, so none of them will end up doing it at all.

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