Nokia Bringing YouTube Videos, Video Podcasts To Mobile Phones

Feb 13th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, General, Mobile Podcasting, Video Podcasts, Vlogs

Nokia Video Center

Nokia has announced that it is bringing bringing YouTube videos into the hands of Nokia Nseries multimedia computer owners. YouTube videos are accessible with Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map through the new YouTube mobile site to be launched shortly. Also, YouTube video RSS feeds can now be consumed through the new Nokia Video Center application.

“We are thrilled to be giving users easy access to entertaining YouTube videos anytime and anywhere. By partnering with an industry leader like Nokia, we’re able to bring YouTube videos to mobile phone users worldwide,” said Steve Chen, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for YouTube.

“We are extremely excited to be able to announce YouTube as one of our first global partners in bringing internet videos easily to our Nokia Nseries owners,” said Harri M√§nnist√∂, Director, Multimedia, Nokia. “The addition of the enhanced internet video experience is a logical continuation of the wide range of internet experiences available on Nokia Nseries multimedia computers covering already for example photo and video uploading and sharing, music discovery as well as search and navigation.”

The Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map enables mobile discovery of videos in websites such as the YouTube Mobile site in a similar way as with PC web browsers. With YouTube Mobile now also compatible with the AVC video format which is the most common format supported in mobile devices, the single-click playback of videos is also possible in the same intuitive way as with PC web browsers. The Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map and AVC video playback are standard features in all the latest Nokia Nseries multimedia computers.Nokia Video Center

The Nokia Video Center offers a comprehensive mobile video RSS feed and video on demand support. It combines branded video RSS feed services, Internet videos and sideloaded videos from the PC into one single place such as the Nokia N95 and the recently announced Nokia N93i.

“Our cooperation with YouTube paves the way for continued growth for internet based content distribution. Enabling people to have access to a wide range of videos on their connected multimedia computers offers great potential for this area,” said Torsti Tenhunen, Director, Multimedia, Nokia. “Also, Nokia Video Center offers content producers and distributors a unique way to lead consumers directly to dynamic video services which can easily be produced and tailored for various interests.”

Nokia Video Center will be available globally in the markets where Nokia Nseries devices are sold. It will first be preinstalled in the Nokia N95 device and thereafter in most of the new Nokia Nseries devices. Nokia Video Center will also be available as download version for selected compatible S60 devices.

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