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Feb 14th, 2007 | By | Category: General, Making Money with Podcasts, Video Podcasts, Vlogs has announced a new way for content creators to make money with online videos. The model, “do-it-yourself targeted advertising,” allows shows to promote products, services and causes that are directly relevant to their content. The do-it- yourself (DIY) ads can be used by shows to sell t-shirts, DVDs or other promotional products in addition to promotion for pledge drives, charities or content partners.

MAKE Magazine, a do-it-yourself (DIY) technology publication, will be the first show hosted on to incorporate the new model in their videos.

“For over two years MAKE has delivered some of the best do-it-yourself projects in print, online and video — and now we can finally put our own clickable relevant ads in our popular weekly how-to videos,” said Phillip Torrone, Senior Editor of MAKE Magazine. “We now have a lot of creative control — it’s perfect for us.”

At the end of every MAKE video podcast hosted by Bre Pettis, an advertisement created by MAKE will run that allows the viewer to purchase the materials required to complete the DIY project featured in the episode. Purchasing is accomplished with a link in the video, requiring viewers to simply enter shipping and credit card information. MAKE also plans to use DIY advertising to promote upcoming conferences and other MAKE events, products and services.

“This represents yet another major shift of power from the big-name networks and studios towards the content creators themselves,” said Mike Hudack, CEO of “The ability for a show to turn a profit is central to’s mission, and ‘DIY promotion’ technology allows us to help an entirely new breed of shows make money from their hard work, creativity and often very substantial audiences.” via VPN

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