The RIAA Wants Your ISP To Help Them Sue You

Feb 14th, 2007 | By | Category: General


The RIAA has sent out a letter to ISP’s (PDF), updating them on the RIAA’s prelitigation policies, and asking them to provide the information that the RIAA needs to sue alleged copyright violators.

In the letter, the RIAA discusses:

  • Enlisting ISP’s to encourage customers to settle, instead of going to court;
  • Only offering new settlement options to customers of ISP’s that agree to preserve logs for 180 days;
  • Offering a $1000 discount on settlements to customers of ISPs that help the RIAA out;
  • Asking ISP’s to let the RIAA know if they have previously “misidentified a subscriber account in response to a subpoena” or became aware of “technical information… that causes you to question the information that you provided in response to our clients’ subpoena”; and
  • Asks ISP’s to notify the RIAA “as early as possible” as to whether they will enter the 180 day/”pre-Doe” plan.

The letter suggests that the RIAA wants to work with focus its litigation on the customers of ISPs that have record retention policies that will help the RIAA’s case. It also sounds like the RIAA may want to minimize the effort it spends dealing with ISP’s that may not keep their logs long enough to let the RIAA make an effective case.

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via Recording Industry vs The People

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