Using Podcasting For Distance Learning

Feb 14th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Educational Podcasts

The Star-Telegram has an interesting article that looks at the growing use of podcasts for distance learning:

Distance learning has been around for decades, but thanks to the iPod and other digital music players, higher education is becoming as portable as a pop song.

“I do testing for offshore rigs,” said Melvin Robinson, a Sugar Land engineer who recently began viewing graduate electrical engineering lectures from the University of Texas at Arlington on his video iPod. “Plane rides are really nice to kick back and watch a few of them.

“I’ve viewed them as far away as Norway,” said Robinson, a Ph.D. candidate who travels extensively in his job. “I would hope all of our courses would be in the MP4 format.”

Educational podcasts are rapidly becoming an accepted tool, especially at the university level.

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  1. V. Carter says:

    The notion of distance learning via iPod may be quite appealing to consumers. I have listened to some of the podcasts of university courses and, while I don’t receive credit for listening, it’s great to be able to further my learning.

    With so many people taking advantage of distance learning for credit on the Internet, transferring this to a portable device seems like it would make it that much easier to work toward a degree.

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