SwimMan Intros First Waterproofed iPod

Feb 15th, 2007 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

iPod SwimManSwimMan has introduced the first waterproofed 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle.

“In the second generation shuffle we saw an almost perfect product”, says Judy Valencerina, Director of Marketing for SwimMan. “The only thing lacking was that you couldn’t take it into the water.”

SwimMan has been making H20-friendly music possible for over 10 years. Applying their proprietary internal waterproofing technology, SwimMan has made the iPod Shuffle waterproof without the need for a bulky case that would detract from the shuffle’s sleek anodized aluminum body.

The company sells the waterproofed shuffle on its own ($150), or bundled with SwimMan’s Waterproof Headset II ($119). SwimMan’s high-fidelity headset is also waterproof, featuring sound-isolating design. The shuffle/headset duo is priced at $250.

via PC World

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