MusicStation Site and – Separated At Birth?

Feb 17th, 2007 | By | Category: Strange


The website for MusicStation, a new ‘all-you-can-eat‚Äô mobile music service that some are calling a mobile iTunes-killer, has a strangely familiar look and feel.

Is MusicStation imitating Apple’s style in an effort to imitate Apple’s success in thew world of digital music? Check out these similarities, and judge for yourself…..

Here are MusicStation’s and Apple’s navigation bars:

MusicStation with Apple Nav Bar

MusicStation’s white on black type looks familiar, too:

MusicStation Vs. Apple typesetting

Here’s an example from Apple’s site:

MusicStation Vs. Apple typesetting

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

In this case, MusicStation may be a little too free with the flattery. In the example blow, MusicStation combines large product images, Aqua-styled logos, bold black and white typography, and even a little illegible gray type into a layout that wouldn’t look out of place at
MusicStation, vs. Apple Layout

Let us know what you think – are these sites separated at birth?

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  1. Karin Hoegh says:

    How about podcasts – does the Musicstation allow you to subscribe to feeds/podcasts??

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