U.K. Rejects DRM Ban, Says It Offers Consumers “Unprecedented Choice”

Feb 22nd, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Music

The push for DRM-free music has reached a dead-end in the UK. The U.K. government has rejected a call for a digital rights management ban, but acknowledged that the technology could undermine consumer rights. The decision was in response to an online petition at the U.K. government’s e-petitions Web site calling for digital rights management to be outlawed.

The government published its response to the petition on Monday and claimed that DRM could bring value to consumers.

“DRM does not only act as a policeman through technical protection measures, it also enables content companies to offer the consumer unprecedented choice in terms of how they consume content, and the corresponding price they wish to pay,” said the government, in its response.

“It is clear though that the needs and rights of consumers must also be carefully safeguarded. It is reasonable for consumers to be informed what is actually being offered for sale, for example, and how and where the purchaser will be able to use the product, and any restrictions applied,” the government added.

via CNET

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