Animated New Yorker Cartoons Podcast

Feb 23rd, 2007 | By | Category: Podcast Quickies, Video, Video Podcasts

RingTales has announced the debut of a new podcast featuring animated New Yorker Cartoons. Subscribers to the podcast will receive three new animations of The New Yorker “RingTales” each week.

RingTales has the exclusive license to animate and distribute The New Yorkers library of over 70,000 cartoons. “In making the transition from page to screen, were building upon the already strong tradition of New Yorker cartoons,” said Robert Mankoff, New Yorker Cartoon Editor and President of The Cartoon Bank. “Its been an absolute pleasure to see our 20th century tradition come to life in 21st century technology. Its an opportunity to expand our audience — and have fun in the process.”

The animations will also be able to be seen on The New Yorkers web site,, in March.

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