Sun’s Chairman Scott McNealy Launches Internet Radio Show

Feb 23rd, 2007 | By | Category: Podcast Quickies

Scott McNealy, Chairman and former CEO of Sun Microsystems, has launched an Internet radio show, called The McNealy Minute.

“When you’re not CEO and you’re just chairman, you only get a minute,” jokes McNealy in the inaugural show, which features an interview with new CEO Jonathan Schwartz. Somehow, McNealy stretches his minute to nearly a dozen.

“The goal is to have a series of interviews with people of interest, and over time, expand the distribution,” a Sun representative said, adding that McNealy hopes to post new episodes roughly monthly.

“Jonathan’s doing a fantastic job,” McNealy said, but added, “I don’t miss being inside the pinata. I was thrilled to go do that, but 22 years of getting whacked by a random two-by-four from strange places is something nobody should have to do.”

While you can freely download the show from the Sun site, we could not find a podcast feed at this time.

via CNET

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