Boycott the RIAA; Listen To A Free Music Podcast

Feb 24th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Citizen Media, Digital Music

RIAA BoycottGizmodo is calling for a boycott on the RIAA in March:

Gizmodo is declaring the month of March Boycott the RIAA month. We want to get the word out to as many people as humanly possible that we can all send a message by refusing to buy any album put out by an RIAA label.

They suggest buying music from indie musicians and unsigned bands. If your favorite band is on an RIAA label, consider purchasing band merchandise or going to one of their concerts.

Gizmodo doesn’t go far enough, though.

It’s time for people to stop griping that they can’t get their Justin Timberlake downloads without DRM, and to instead explore the world of millions of artists that are releasing their work freely via the Internet.

If Steve Jobs says it’s time to get rid of DRM, it’s time to stop buying tracks from iTunes until they start offering DRM-free music.

A great place to get free DRM-free music is with music podcasts. There are podcasts for all types of music that you can’t find on corporate radio. There are local music podcasts from all over the world. Music podcasts offer an easy way to fill your portable music player with interesting new music, without having to pay a dime.

Check out our music podcast directory and other podcast directory sites, get some free music and learn about some new bands (that don’t want to sue Grandma) in March!

And if you’ve got a great music podcast, feel free to pimp it in the comments!

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  2. jill no jack says:

    I can pimp 🙂

    We do two indie and unsigned podcasts that we think people might enjoy. The Heart of the Night Show is a big grab-bag of rock, pop, folk, and whatever else I feel like throwing in. It’s got some pretty amazing music some of the time and some darn good music all of the time.

    The second show is the TransAtlantic Acoustic show. It is variety acoustic from traditional folk, acoustic blues, some alt country, etc. to contemporary acoustic genres. Once again, a nice mix, and not a whiff of RIAA about it.

    The best thing about both of the shows is that of all of the artists build an artist page at and provide additional music for you to listen to if you really enjoyed their tunes. Many also give you free downloads on their artist pages, so visiting a page can be rewarding! There are links on the playlists and you can find the playlists and subscription links at:

    jill no jack

  3. Jim Nye says:

    Jill Dat True!

    You and Sam put out the best podcasts covering a wide variety of music. Indie artists are in it for the love of their craft. Avoiding RIAA doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a CD or download a song by an artist you really like. It means if you do buy that CD, the band reaps the harvest of their efforts not the lawyers and lobbyists.

    We play ‘Folkartronica’ at Idyllic Music. It is headphone electronica created by bedroom musicians. It’s a new ‘Folk Art’ crafted by artists making professional quality music for the digital age. Musicians with little support or interference from mainsteam record labels. This is the true sound alternative.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Everyone’s pissed about the RIAA lawsuits, thing is, they’re soon going to stop once everyone’s made the switch to encrypted file sharing solutions such as GigaTribe ( )…they soon won’t be able to find any lawsuit targets!

  5. Jersey Todd says:

    Hey – also check out “Bum Rush the Charts” at

    On March 22, 2007, we’re going to show the music industry the power of podcasting as we bring Black Lab’s “Mine Again” to the top of the Itunes charts.

    We need your help to make this a reality, so please check out this important project and help spread the word.

  6. podcastmama says:

    Hey, Jim, can you give us a URL or two for this? The name alone is charming. We’d like to find out more.

  7. Jim Nye says:


    My omission, inadvertently, highlighted one of the things RIAA does well.


    Fortunately, there are dozens of net labels that do a pretty good job at promotion. Others like , or promote from outside the mainstream industry directly to consumers.

    Sites like do a great job circumventing the RIAA as do the hundreds of artists that have set up their own shopping carts right from their own websites.

    “The primary difference between netlabels and record labels is that netlabels emphasize free downloads, as opposed to physical publishing (CD, vinyl or DVD). The music, sometimes also called netaudio[1], is often released under licenses that encourage sharing, such as the Creative Commons Licenses. Artists typically retain the copyright.” (From Wikipedia)

    Oh, and you can find our podcast at



  8. Hamne says:

    Get rid of DRM and support independent artists. If you like blues then Hambone’s Blues Rumshack plays some of the finest independent blues music from around the world.

  9. You want independent music pimpage? You got it. 🙂

    Check out the C64 Take-away, featuring music from and inspired by the Commodore 64. From 8-bit blipp-blopping to modern day remixes in every style imaginable.

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