Rapper QBoy To Introduce Sexuality Awareness Week Podcasts

Feb 27th, 2007 | By | Category: General

QBoyGay rapper QBoy (“like Eminem but less camp,” according to accolades on his website) will be introducing two podcasts for Channel 4 that offer support and advice to gay teenagers.

The podcasts, which are part of Channel 4’s gay teen Sexuality Awareness week, will focus on the issues of coming out.

The first will discuss the family, comparing the motivations and experiences of three young teens coming out to their families. The second will examine coming out at school, with contributors sharing advice on how to create a supportive environment for gay teens.

QBoy supplies many of his own views on the issues gay teens have to contend with. He said: “A lot of gay people are rap-phobic… brought up in a culture where gay people are supposed to like Kylie Minogue or going to G.A.Y., doing all that stereotypical bullshit.”

Channel 4 is dedicating this week of its morning Education schedule to programming about gay issues for teenagers. The Channel 4 podcasts are available at http://www.channel4radio.com.

via PinkNews

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