New Microphone A Self-Contained Recording Studio

Mar 2nd, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Hardware

HHB Flashmic

HHB has introduced the FlashMic DRM85-C Cardioid Microphone, an innovative mic that combines a Sennheiser capsule with a broadcast-quality Flash recorder. The mic is designed to be a portable recording solution for broadcasters and podcasters.

The mic joins HHB’s original, omni-directional FlashMic DRM85. Both FlashMic models share the same feature set, which includes 1GB Flash memory for up to 18 hours recording, USB audio data transfer, a high-quality preamplifier with full manual or automatic gain control (AGC), an illuminated LCD display and nine user templates which can be configured externally using the FlashMic Manager software supplied.

“When news breaks, the FlashMic provides a convenient, all-in-one, portable recording solution with no fiddly cables or connectors,” continues Jones. “And it’s every bit as easy to transfer audio files to a laptop for editing and onward transmission.”

Unfortunately, the FlashMic’s cutting edge technology comes at a price; the DRM85 retails for about $1200.

As HHB Managing Director, Ian Jones explains, the DRM85-C was developed in direct response to customer requests. “Some of our broadcast users have been requesting a more directional FlashMic specifically for use in environments in which there are high ambient sound levels, such as press scrums and conflict zones. We’re delighted to respond with the cardioid FlashMic DRM85-C.”

According to HHB, radio journalists cite rugged build quality, ease-of-use, fast file transfer and instant, one-button recording among the key reasons for the FlashMic’s success.

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  1. This is a listworthy product. Infortunately it goes for about $1200 (a detail that surely would have made sense to include in the article…)

  2. info says:


    Thanks for the feedback – we updated the article with the cost.

    How long do you think it will be until this type of Mic is going for $200?

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