Rain Recording Intros Massively Powerful Audio Workstation

Mar 12th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Computer Hardware, Podcasting Hardware

Rain Audio Workstation

Rain Recording has introduced the Element Pro, the first in a series of Quad Core-based Element digital audio workstations. Element Pro is designed to ensure optimum performance of all components, providing maximum audio throughput in the most demanding digital audio applications.

If you need to or prefer to use Windows for audio work, Rain’s computers look like they deserve a place on your short list.

The “Professional Quad” series comes in two models the PQ1 and PQ2. Both systems are based upon Intel’s Core 2 Quad technology taking advantage of four physical processing cores with a combined level 2 cache of 8MB to give unparalleled real-time performance in recording, mixing and effects processing.

The PQ1 is available with Windows Vista x32, x64 or Windows XP Professional. The PQ2 is Vista x64 only.

Windows Vista comes in over 8 different versions (so far) Rain decided early on that the Ultimate version is the only one that will ensure their diverse customer base will have the tools they need regardless of their application. Working closely with music software and hardware manufacturers and an intense period of testing Rain is pleased to be supporting the Vista platform. Not all existing software and hardware will be able to run on Vista and so as a public service Rain has setup a webpage dedicated to Vista compatibility and performance.

While Vista is compatible with and available across the whole range of Rain DAW systems, it is still considered early adopter technology. So by default all the other Rain systems will be running Windows XP Professional. XP will continue to be available, across the range, for the foreseeable future including on the new Element Pro PQ1.

Element Pro PQ1: Price $3,799.95 (£2199)

Element Pro PQ2: Price $4,899.95 (£3299)

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