Ze Frank Show Ending

Mar 14th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, Making Money with Podcasts, Video, Vlogs

Popular video blogger Ze Frank is planning to end his show this week. Frank’s final episode will air on March 17, 2007.Launched in March 2006 as a one-year project, The Show with Ze Frank takes the form of a conversation between the host, Ze Frank, and the show’s audience of “sports racers.” Together they discuss news, politics and technology while collaborating on massive group projects.

Frank has also moved his archives to blip.tv, and partnered with the company to incorporate his Gimme some Candy program as part of blip.tv’s services. Gimme Some Candy lets any viewer of a show purchase space alongside videos to run personal messages.

Later in 2007, Frank plans to produce and star in other Web and video projects, which are expected to have blip.tv components.

“The relationship I have with my audience is extremely important to me and a big part of maintaining that bond is ensuring the best viewing experience each and every time they watch an episode,” said Ze Frank. “I’m very excited that we’re continuing to prove that independent content creators can survive and thrive with brand advertising.”

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