New Podcast Network Focuses On Middle-Aged Sex

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New Podcast Network Focuses On Mature SexHere’s one we didn’t see coming….

Self-described Internet biz woman, marketing and sales pro from way back, start-up advisor and self-described “fun, fun gal” Suz Bratton, along with serial entrepreneur, pilot, kite boarder, and surfer Tim Bratton, have announced a new podcast/blog network, Personal Life Media.

The network publishes podcasts and blogs targeting 35-65 year old “cultural creatives”, with an emphasis on sexuality.

Sex podcastsDebut podcasts include:

  • A Taste of Sex – a podcast that looks at life in an “orgasm-based community”;
  • Tantra & Kama Sutra, a podcast to help you live your life in total sensuality;
  • Sex, Love and Intimacy, which looks at topics like the art of inimacy and managing chemical sex with Viagra, Cialis and L-Arginine; and
  • Expanded Lovemaking, which features professional ballroom dancer, Taoist Instructor and certified Tantric Sexual Healer Richard Anton Diaz, right, discussing ancient sexual cultivation practices that develop greater capacities for pleasure, health, and personal transformation.

In addition, the network offers both male and female sex advice podcasts, and podcasts about sustainable living, new music, cosmetic surgery, wealth creation and spirituality.

“People on the leading edge of culture, especially those in the 35-65 year old demographic are clearly underserved in podcast content today,” said Susan Bratton, co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media. “We are using podcasting technology to enable experts, authors, PhDs and innovators from anywhere in the world to bring their voices and inspiration directly to the issues of adults.”

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