31 Days of Free Music: Thomas Dolby’s Free Video Podcast

Mar 21st, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Music, Digital Video Downloads, Video, Video Podcasts

March 19: It’s 31 Days of Free Music month at Podcasting News. Every day in March, we’re going to do our best to hook you up a great free music podcast.

OK – it’s not really March 19th – it’s the 21st and we’re a couple days behind on the free music project. It’s not because we don’t have a ton of great free music podcasts that we want to share, though. We’re behind because we’ve been in London for the Corporate Podcast Summit and the combination of jet lag, late nights and prepping for our presentations has done a number on us.

Most of the bands we’ve looked at are probably ones that you haven’t heard from before. We‚Äôve highlighted a classical music podcast, a podcast of free hip-hop music, free Celtic and Irish music and more.

Here’s an example of a mainstream artist using podcasts to promote themselves and their music.

Thomas Dolby is a musician that’s had some huge hits, with songs like Hyperactive and She Blinded Me With Science. Dolby has been out of the public eye recently, though, because he spent 10 years focusing his energies on developing a successful platform for mobile music. If you thought he’d disappeared from the music world, nothing could be further from the truth. The music platform that he helped develop with Beatnik is not part over over half a billion mobile phones.

In the last year, Dolby has renewed his interest in performing music, and has been on tour and working on new material. He’s excited about creating new music with today’s technology and is using video podcasts to share what he’s doing with fans.

Thomas Dolby’s Sole Inhabitant video podcast offers an unique look into the English electronica artist and entrepreneur’s November-December tour. Dolby uses the video podcast format effectively and does some interesting things with video viewpoints, including using a camera that provides a first-person perspective of what he’s doing during a performance.

The series includes live performances of Leipzig is calling, One of our Submarines, Blinded Me With Science and other Dolby tracks.

You can preview Thomas Dolby’s podcast below, or subscribe to it by adding this URL to your podcast software:

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