Free Podcast Reveals Mysteries of Ambient Music

Mar 24th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Digital Music, Podcast Quickies

Spotted PeccaryMarch 22: We‚Äôre on our way back from the Corporate Podcasting Summit, and we’re stuck in Detroit for a couple of days. There’s nothing like travelling 24 hours, to be almost home and then to find out your flight has been cancelled. We’re a little behind as a result, but we expect to get caught up within a couple of days.

Northwest Airlines is currently on our #$%@ list. When we got off of our flight from London, we found that our flight home was listed as cancelled. Northwest made us wait around for five hours, though, in a waiting area with insufficient seating, no Internet and no convenient power outlets before they told us that we’d have to wait two days before they could get us home. They gave us $5 vouchers for a dinner at the airport (5 dollars? For airport food? @#$!!).

And everytime we talked to NWA’s staff, they were complaining about how hard it was dealing with frustrated customers.

But, we’ve been trying not to get too stressed out by the situation. The $5 bought a bad airport margarita, which was better than no margarita at all. And we had our iPods full of good free music to listen to.

When it comes to chilling out, it’s hard to beat good ambient/space music. One of the best labels for this type of music is Spotted Peccary.

Spotted Peccary is not a well-known label, and it focuses on a relatively narrow niche of music. The label is doing something very smart, though. It offers the Spotted Peccary Music Podcast, aka Music is Art, which lets you hear samples of the label’s music, along with interviews and commentary from the label’s artists.

It’s a great way for listeners to find out more about the music. It’s also a great example of using podcasting to introduced people to new music that other labels would do well to follow.

You can preview the Spotted Peccary podcast below, or subscribe to it by adding this feed URL to your podcast client:

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  1. Theo says:

    Yes, Sir.

    I agree that ambient/space music is the best music while waiting. Thanks for the preview.

    And I agree that Northwest airlines is a bad company that dishes out negative experiences. I suggest that travelers avoid Northwest.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes,

    Theo from Los Angeles

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