Hyatt Rolling Out iPod-Ready Rooms; Testing Digital Music Downloads

Mar 27th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Music, iPods & Portable Media Players

Hyatt logoHyatt Hotels & Resorts today announced it was rolling out new guestroom iHome clock radios in its U.S., Canada and Caribbean properties – something that all hotels would do well to imitate. The new in-room stereos feature an iPod docking station.

Hyatt also announced a digital download music pilot program. Individual properties will offer unique, destination-specific music collections. Each property’s signature collections will be available online for users to download in MP3 format.

Hyatt’s Scottsdale and Lost Pines resorts now feature music on property that reflect the respective destination as well as showcasing local artists. Hyatt plans to roll out the new digital download program to its properties across North America and the Caribbean throughout 2007.

“Music evokes different emotions in different people at different times – music can make you feel good, motivate you, help you relax – in short, we want Hyatt’s music to be very purposefully woven into the overall guest experience,” said Mark Barrott, founder of Music Styling and one of Hyatt’s music stylists. “While many hotels feature music in public spaces, Hyatt sought to design collections that truly bring out the indigenous personality of each property and, in conjunction with our partners Audiosuite, make these collections available for guests to enjoy even when their Hyatt stay is over.”

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