All Girls, All The Time

Mar 30th, 2007 | By | Category: General

Mieka PauleyMarch 29: It’s 31 Days of Free Music month at Podcasting News. Every day in March, we’re highlighting a great free music podcast.

One of the things that is great about music podcasts is that they let you explore whole categories of music that mainstream radio tends to ignore.

A great example of this is Rubyfruit Radio, a podcast that is all girls, all the time. The podcast features the best in female indie artists, artists like 7-Year Bitch, Dar Williams, Mieka Pauley (right) and Samantha Murphy.

Most of the artists featured on Rubyfruit Radio are musicians that you probably haven’t heard of because they don’t fit into strict mold of mainstream radio. Over the last 100+ episodes of her show, show host Heather Smith has featured hundreds of indie female singer-songwriters and helped bring them to a broader audience.

You can find out what you’ve been missing by previewing a recent episode, below, or by subscribing to Rubyfruit Podcast by adding this feed URL to your podcast software:

Image: Chris McKay

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  1. Tom says:

    Greetings. Wanted to share the link below for
    “All The Same Mistakes”. The first song to come out of
    Mieka Pauley’s studio sessions this month up in Boston
    – for her new album coming this summer. It’s streaming and
    downloading from her MySpace player now as well.–all_the_same_mistakes.mp3

    “The next meaningful female voice of her generation.”
    – The Cornerstone Player

    “Gritty. Soulful. Defiant.”
    – The Boston Phoenix


  2. […] Girls, girls and more girls are featured on Rubyfruit Radio, a podcast of free music from indie female musicians. […]

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