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Mar 30th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Digital Music, Digital Video Downloads, Internet TV, Video Podcasts

March 30: It’s 31 Days of Free Music month at Podcasting News. Every day in March, we‚Äôre highlighting a great free music podcast.

This month, we’ve tried to showcase some of the best music podcasts. Podcasts like Accidental Hash, Rubyfruit Radio and KEXP’s Music That Matters. We’ve also tried to show the variety of podcasts that people are doing. Podcasts like the pulse-pounding DJ mixes of Podrunner; Jon Hammond’s video podcast of live jazz jams; and the Stop-Rokkasho podcast – a podcast that promotes awareness of the dangers of nuclear energy.

There are a lot more great free music podcasts than we can cover in one month. With that in mind, here are five great music podcasts to check out:

  • The Superfibre podcast features the best DJ mixes from around the world. Preview an episode below, or subscribe by adding this URL to your podcast software:
  • It doesn’t matter if your local radio station doesn’t have a blues show – you can get great blues whenever you want from the Murphy’s Saloon podcast. When he’s not commenting on the stories at Podcasting News, Murphy’s scouring the Internet for the best blues music to share. He also puts together fantastic show notes, so you can see exactly who every artist is and where you can find them on the Web. Preview Murphy’s Saloon below, or subscribe with this URL:
  • We can’t let the month go by without a shout out to Insomnia Radio. Insomnia Radio is more than a podcast, it’s a family of dedicated music freaks working together to make crappy mainstream radio a thing of the past. There’s Insomnia Radio Chicago, Insomnia Radio New York, Insomnia Radio UK – and they’ve got more dedicated music freaks lined up to make new shows. There’s a whole Insomnia Radio family. Preview the original Insomnia Radio Guide with its Guide to Rocking, below, or subscribe using this feed URL:
  • Electronic Groove is another great electronica podcast. It features house music from around the world – studio mixes, live mixes and podcast interviews. Preview an episode, below, or subscribe using this feed URL:
  • Finally, The Switched is a video podcasts that offers free music videos that you can download and play on your Apple TV, you iPod or your computer. It’s like MTV without all the crap! It’s still very new, but we’re hoping that there will a lot more shows to come, and more great free video podcasts. You can preview The Switched below, or subscribe with this feed URL:

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