ATO Updates iSee 360i Video Recorder for iPod

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Advanced Technology Office has updated its iSee 360i Video Recorder, an iPod accessory that lets you record video content directly on an iPod for portable viewing. ATO also announced that it will offer bundled iSee-iPod packages in three different configurations – 2GB nano, 4GB nano, and 30GB video.

The second-generation iSee package now includes adapters for iPod 1G/2G nano and iPod 30GB video models. The adapters formerly sold as optional accessories for $19.95. In addition, ATO has lowered suggested retail pricing by $50.

The iSee 360i includes:

  • iSee video recorder
  • Adapters for iPod 1G/2G nano and fifth-generation 30GB iPod video models
  • iSee docking station
  • AV in/out cables
  • AC power adapter and rechargeable battery
  • Software CD
  • User‚Äôs manual, software manual, quick setup guide
  • iSee protective sleeve
  • One-year full warranty and unlimited toll-free technical support.

The iSee 360i Video Recorder for iPod has a new MSRP of $199.00 USD.

With a 3.6-inch color screen, iSee allows the user to enjoy a 91 percent larger viewing area than the iPod video. Powered by a rechargeable and replaceable battery, iSee also extends the battery-life of the iPod by up to four hours.

‚ÄúWe listened to customer feedback after the launch of our first-generation product, and we found there was an issue that had to be addressed. Some customers would purchase the iSee 360i and take it home, only to discover that their specific iPod model required a separately purchased adapter. Naturally, they were disappointed and frustrated that they couldn‚Äôt begin using their iSee immediately,” said Howard Wing, director of sales and marketing for ATO. “We want our customers to enjoy a seamless and effortless experience from the moment they get their iSee 360i, which means getting absolutely everything they need in the box, including adapters for every iPod model we support.‚Äù

iSee 360i Video Recorder for iPod

iSee 360i extends the functionality of almost any Click Wheel iPod, turning the world’s most popular MP3 player into a small multimedia center with video player and recorder, MP3 player, and photo display.

iSee 360i measures 6 x 3.2 x 1.1 inches and weighs just 6 ounces; when connected to an iPod, iSee provides the look and feel of a single, integrated unit. iSee operates with most standard, mini, nano, and video iPod models. It does not currently operate with the 60GB or 80GB iPod video, iPod photo or shuffle models.

Key features/benefits include:

  • Direct Video Recording ‚Äì With the supplied docking station and AV cables, iSee can record video from a wide range of analog sources, including VCRs, camcorders, satellite and cable television, and personal video recorders such as TiVo¬Æ. Using iSee, a 2GB nano can record up to four hours and a 30GB iPod video can record up to 60 hours of MPEG-4 quality video for playback anywhere at anytime.
  • Portable Video Playback ‚Äì iSee adds video playback to several iPod models that don‚Äôt normally support video. The 3.6-inch color display doubles the size of the iPod display, so watching a movie or favorite TV show is more enjoyable.
  • Single or Multi-Photo Viewing ‚Äì Photo viewing and slide show playback is much more convenient on iSee than a heavy laptop or tiny digital camera screen. iSee provides sophisticated features such as pan and zoom and user-controlled slide show settings.
  • Output to TV ‚Äì Using the iSee docking station and AV cables, iSee can display video and photos on a big screen device such as a television or projector.
  • Play-Through iPod Content ‚Äì iSee content remains separate from the music, video, or photos already on an iPod. Using the ‚ÄúiPod Play-Through‚Äù mode, users can view video content purchased from Apple‚Äôs iTunes.
  • One Touch Recording (OTR) ‚Äì iSee now offers two ways to record video ‚Äì manually or set a timer to have the recording automatically stop after a specified period of time.

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