Napster Biggest Fish In Small Pond

Apr 3rd, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Music

Napster big kitty in small pondNapster today announced that it now has 830,000 paid subscribers and anticipates reporting more than $28 million in revenue for Q1 2007.

“Napster concludes our fiscal year 2007 with over 830,000 paid subscribers, which we believe makes us the largest on demand music subscription service in the industry, with a paid subscriber base that is both larger than Rhapsody, as well as larger than all of the remaining subscription competitors combined,” said Chris Gorog, Napster’s chairman and chief executive officer.

“In mid-March, we successfully integrated over 225,000 AOL Music Now paid subscribers onto the Napster service, and our payment to AOL will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the actual subscriber count. We also enjoyed healthy organic growth adding another 40,000 net paid subscribers during the quarter,” said Gorog.

“Napster ends the fiscal year with over 785,000 premium subscribers, including Japan, and approximately 45,000 university subscribers for a total of over 830,000 paid subscribers globally,” adds Gorog. “Napster’s number one market share position in on demand music subscription, together with our leadership position in wireless marketing partnerships, including our recently announced partnership with AT&T, creates a very healthy foundation for the continuing development of our business.”

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