Ubercaster Makes Girlie-Man Podcasting Software Look Puny And Weak

Apr 6th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Software


Pleasant Software is now shipping Ubercaster, its all-in-one podcast creation software. It’s made in Germany, by Germans. And it’s Uber!

Ubercaster is a complete production suite for podcasting on the Mac, offering podcasters tools for podcast preparation, recording, editing and publishing shows. Features include live audio recording, auto ducking, effects, chapters for enhanced podcasts, ID3 tags, album cover art, MP3/AAC/AIFF encoding – and uploading, all within an easy-to-navigate user interface.

One feature alone looks like it could make the app worth the $79.95 purchase price: Ubercaster directly supports recording from Skype, iChat & Gizmo. That’s pretty Uber.

Details are available at the Ubercaster site.

Ubercaster requires a G4, G5 or Intel Mac running OS X 10.4.4 or later.

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  1. hackintosh says:

    This looks cool. The interface looks nice and it looks like it may be the first app to do everything I need.

    Has anybody tried this out yet?

  2. Murphy says:

    I’ve been one of the beta testers, and I’ve paid for a full version ‚Äî and it is √úber.

    I’m not the most dexterous guy on the planet, and I’m entirely self-taught in using audio software, so my learning curve and getting used to √úbercaster’s interface has taken me some time ‚Äî but I’d bet most people will find it very, very easy to use.

    I think it’s arguably the best 1.0 version of anything I’ve ever tried ‚Äî and I think it’s well worth the asking price.

  3. info says:


    Glad to hear that it’s as nice as it looks.

    Have you used its support for Skype/iChat? That’s been one of our main complaints with our current setup – recording Skype with Garageband is kludgy.

  4. Murphy says:


    No, I haven’t, so I can’t really comment. √úbercaster’s site has a forum ‚Äî I’m not sure if there’s been any discussion of Skype/iChat support ‚Äî you might try querying there.

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