Bambi Francisco Leaving Marketwatch For Internet TV Startup

Apr 7th, 2007 | By | Category: General

Bambi FranciscoMarketwatch’s Bambi Francisco is leaving her role of the last eight years for a new role, as a Internet media entrepreneur at The site is described as “a place where entrepreneurs can share their ideas with the rest of the world through video.”

“ began as a little garage project that I started last year to help me vet startups’ pitches and to give exposure to those I’d invariably overlook as a columnist,” explains Francisco. “I mentioned the idea to Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and manager of the $2 billion hedge fund Clarium Capital. Peter saw value in such a vetting mechanism, and he asked if he could invest. I told Peter that it was just an experiment at the time. But if the platform reached 50 videos, then perhaps it was worth investing in. Peter currently owns less than 5%. This was the genesis of, whose name is short for “innovator” or “elevator” (as in “elevator pitch”), and which today is a very small, non-revenue-generating asset.”

Francisco is leaving Marketwatch because of growing conflicts of interest with her role there and her involvement with

“The understanding had always been that if it got to a point at which I could not proceed without conflicts of interest, then I would leave MarketWatch to focus on,” said Francisco. “I have decided to run full-time, and I believe in the company.”

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