Vuze Offers High Def Video Distribution Platform

Apr 8th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, Video


Media aggregator Azureus has introduced Vuze, a new Internet video community. Formerly code-named Zudeo, the site already attracts more than two million unique monthly visitors. Vuze lets content providers distribute high resolution, long-form content in High Definition or DVD quality over the Internet.

‚ÄúVuze recognizes that the next generation online video experience lies within the integration of licensed and self-published content showcased in a theater-like viewing environment,‚Äù said Gilles BianRosa, CEO of Azureus. ‚ÄúThe millions who make up the Vuze community–publishers, editors and viewers–can share long-form video and download licensed content, and experience it in High Definition on their own computer or plasma screen.‚Äù

For content providers, Vuze serves as an alternative, low-cost distribution and marketing platform to distribute High Definition content. There’s no cost for publishing content via Vuze.

Vuze requires a Windows-only application, which can be download for free from the site.

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  1. Eric says:

    Too bad about the Windows-only application. With the AppleTV being so hot, they’re really missing an opportunity. I miss DiDGU 🙁


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