Precious Podcaster Wichita Rutherford Switches To XM

Apr 10th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting

Wichita's Grand Old Time MachineBluegrass Podcaster and humorist Wichita Rutherford tells us that he and his podcasts have made the jump from the Sirius satellite radio network to soon-to-be-acquired competitor XM. His new weekly program, The Grand Old Time Machine, debuted last Friday, April 6, on XM.

He describes the new show this way:

“The new show, ‘The Grand Old Time Machine,’ is gonna be the radio version of the TV show which will be on the recently launched Blue Highways TV this summer. We’re gonna have the best time.

“Rob Walch over at interviewed me about all this and you can go hear it here if you want. Me, Mitchell and Smarty are so excited we can hardly stand it. Things here will be back on schedule soon too and oh my goodness, gosh-a-mighty me, I’ve got some interviews on the way you just won’t believe.”

Rutherford made news in the early days of podcasting by being the first podcaster to make the jump to satellite radio, two years ago this month.

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  1. Ron Clemmons says:

    I’m pretty sure I was listening to Madge Weinstein and Norm Augustinos on Sirius radio before Wichita (listened to them in early 2005 in my truck while driving west to east coast. Madge is still on).

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