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Podcasting is Selling MusicA couple of days ago, we highlighted some great pro-podcasting propaganda (right) that Magnatune, a net music label that specializes in Creative-Commons Music, is using.

The Podcasting is Selling Music logo parodies a 1980’s campaign by the British Phonograph Industry, Home Taping is Killing Music.

UK Podcasters Association (UKPA) founder Dean Whitbread contacted us and let us know how deep the rabbit-hole goes. The graphic actually comes from a UKPA promotion.

“Yes, it’s ours,” says Whitbread. “We sell the t-shirt. Here’s me posing with it at last year’s Podcastcon UK:”

Dean Whitbread

“I think is absolutely brilliant,” commented Magnatune’s John Buckman, who credits the UKPA with the design. “Podcasting is generally viewed as piracy and illegal by the RIAA, ASCAP and others, and they grudgingly give licenses to allow it in a very limited capacity (ie, 30 second samples). But, the reality is that it functions like radio, and helps sell music.”

The Podcasting is Selling Music logo is Creative-Commons licensed. The original is available at the UKPA site.

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