Apple TV B-Movie Takes Out Video Site

Apr 11th, 2007 | By | Category: General

Wages of SinHigh-Definition-starved Apple TV fans have reportedly been wreaking havoc at a Internet video site that is offering a Wages of Sin, a B-grade crime movie, formatted for Apple TV.

Here’s the description for this future classic:

Wages is the story of a sting operation gone array and a botched assassination attempt that leaves Johnny “Trigger”, AKA deep cover officer Nathan Matthews framed for aiding and abetting in the murder of undercover officers, Tarantino and Rodriguez, and for the slaughter of several FBI agents. To clear his name he must go on the run. Not knowing who to trust Matthews befriends Teresa, a hooker who wants out of the street life. As luck would have it she’s got the goods on Nathan’s previous mark, up and coming drug kingpin Eric Constantine. Matthews must find the dirty cops who betrayed him, protect Teresa and evade goons, hit teams, a would-be Yakuza boss and an infamous assassin called “Mona Lisa”.

According to Internet video site Hungryflix, fans looking for cheap content for their Apple TVs have inundated the Hungryflix servers downloading the feature-length film.

Brian Andrews, Hungryflix CEO, has been pushing Apple’s new set top. But Hungryflix struggled to meet demand when Wages of Sin was mentioned at several Mac-oriented websites.

“Wednesday, Brian dropped me an email, saying he hoped the servers could hold up to the traffic as he was having some issues.” said writer, director and star Nathyn Brendan Masters. The site was taken offline for a short period of time and has had intermittent problems as site admins have tweaked their infrastructure to handle the load.

“I don’t think anyone saw this coming,” says writer, director and star Nathyn Brendan Masters. “I just wanted to do a fun martial arts film like the ones I used to catch late night on cable. Nothing too crazy, just good guys taking on the bad guys and a lot of Kung-fu kicks.”

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