Mac Digital Video Recorder Updated To Support Apple TV

Apr 20th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Recorder, Internet TV, Video

Elgato EyeTV

Elgato Systems has released EyeTV 2.4, a free update to its EyeTV 2 software which now includes one-click export for Apple TV.

The feature functions in the same way as EyeTV 2’s iPod export button; select a video from the list of recordings and click the Apple TV button in the menu bar. Alternatively, the export can be automated as part of the recording schedule.

Support for Apple’s “Spotlight” search technology has also been added. Users can now enter part of the title or a description of a recording‚Äôs content in Spotlight and quickly find the sought-after recording without opening the EyeTV application.

EyeTV 2.4 offers numerous other important improvements and bug fixes.

Other New Features

In addition to English, French, German and Japanese, localized versions of EyeTV are now available in Italian and Spanish.

EyeTV 2.4 adds more features to the Program Guide. Program description texts supplied by tvtv are now considerably more detailed. Areas of the timeline in which broadcasts are scheduled for recording are now highlighted in pink, providing the user with a quick reference. A progress bar now tracks Program Guide updates, an improvement that is particularly valuable for users of satellite solutions with many channels for which a large amount of program data must be transferred.

Users with multiple monitors can now specify on which monitor the Full Screen Menu is displayed and whether the remaining displays should be darkened. Those who frequently use the Full Screen Menu will also appreciate that they can now place the Mac in standby using an EyeTV remote control or the Apple Remote.

Elgato rounds off this free update with numerous bug fixes as well as added support for TerraTec’s Cinergy T XE, a USB stick for DVB-T reception, and Hauppauge’s WinTV Nova-TD, a USB stick for DVB-T reception with two tuners and Antenna Diversity.

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