The Future Of Television: Live Video From Your Cell Phone To The World

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At the 2007 National Association of Broadcasters show, ComVu Media demonstrated live video transmitting at 30 fps at 640 x 480 resolution from a mobile phone over a wireless data network. 

ComVu used its PocketCaster software to broadcast full screen video from a Nokia N95 multimedia device, transmitting over HSDPA data connection.¬†Anyone using a Nokia N95 device — including field reporters — can now capture and broadcast video directly to air and concurrently stream live video to Web-portals, blogs and 3G-enabled phones.¬†

ComVu CEO William Mutual called the end-to-end solution “the future of news gathering worldwide.”

Here are¬†the details on how it works…..

How it works

PocketCaster allows users to transmit live video from a mobile phone. The video streams directly to ComVu media-servers, where it can be shared live or on-demand with viewers on PCs, Macs and mobile phones. 

When running on a Nokia N95 with built-in GPS receiver, PocketCaster automatically embeds geospatial coordinates within each frame of video, providing accurate dynamic mapping of transmission points during a broadcast. PocketCaster eliminates the costs and time delays of uploading media through a PC or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), addressing the need for immediacy, flexibility and affordability in mobile news gathering. 

To monitor a global network of mobile broadcasters, ComVu’s Mobile Video Studio offers a browser-based control center to monitor, manage, and map hundreds of live PocketCaster feeds coming in from the field, and/or archived on ComVu servers.

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