Al Gore, Apple Board State Support For Steve Jobs

Apr 26th, 2007 | By | Category: General

Apple Board Members Bill Campbell, Millard Drexler, Albert Gore Jr., Arthur D. Levinson, Eric Schmidt and Jerry York today released the following response to former Apple CFO Fred Anderson blaming Apple’s stock-options woes on CEO Steve Jobs:

We are not going to enter into a public debate with Fred Anderson or his lawyer. Steve Jobs cooperated fully with Apple’s independent investigation and with the government’s investigation of stock option grants at Apple. The SEC investigated the matter thoroughly and its complaint speaks for itself, in terms of what it says, what it does not say, who it charges, and who it does not charge. We have complete confidence in the conclusions of Apple’s independent investigation, and in Steve’s integrity and his ability to lead Apple.

Jobs is widely thought to have “dodged a bullet”, as the SEC has not charged Jobs, despite his involvement in the scandal.

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