Audio-Technica Intros Stereo Shotgun Microphones

Apr 28th, 2007 | By | Category: Podcasting Hardware

Audio-Technica Intros Stereo Shotgun Microphones

Audio-Technica has introduced a couple of stereo shotgun microphones aimed at the high-end broadcast and production environment.

The new BP4027 and BP4029 Stereo Shotgun models are based on models that A-T originally developed for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Designed for broadcasters, sound recordists and videographers, these phantom-powered models feature independent line-cardioid and figure-of-eight elements configured in an M-S (Mid-Side) arrangement. Each provides a switch-selectable internal matrixing system offering a selection of wide and narrow stereo (L/R) output or M-S output. A switchable low frequency roll-off filter helps minimize the pickup of unwanted low frequency noise. The models differ from one another primarily in length (BP4027 15″ long and BP4029 9″ long); they both feature a lightweight rugged design, ideal for on-camera use.

The BP4027 and BP4029 Stereo Shotguns offer an alternative to conventional stereo microphone techniques in applications such as field acquisition, sound effect recording, live events and news gathering. The microphones allow sound recordists the choice of selecting a left-right stereo output (wide or narrow) via the microphone’s internal matrixing system or choosing discreet Mid-Side signals for later manipulation, a flexibility not available from any other manufacturer.

Part of Audio-Technica’s newly revamped Broadcast & Production line, the BP4027 and BP4029 are fully RoHS-compliant ‚Äî free from all substances specified in the EU directive on the reduction of hazardous substances (RoHS).

These new stereo shotgun microphones will be available Summer 2007. The U.S. MSRP is $1,100.00 each for the BP4027 and BP4029.

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