PodShow Podcasters Lose Satellite Audience

Apr 30th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Making Money with Podcasts, Podcasting Networks

PodShow and Sirius are parting ways. PodShow podcasts will lose their satellite audience as of May 1st, according to reports from affected podcasters.

The split is a setback for PodShow podcasters, which include Soccergirl, Dawn & Drew and Scott Sigler. The split is likely to be little more than a speedbump, though, for podcasting as a technology. The potential audience for podcasts via the Internet dwarfs the satellite radio audience, and satellite radio has its own share of problems.

Podcasters have wasted no time in voicing their opinions on the situation. Here are some of their takes on the news:

via Digital Flotsam:

It’s all over now, and it ended for me without warning. I wasn’t totally taken by surprise. I knew the contract was about to expire. I knew it was possible we’d choose to end it there. But I wasn’t expecting it to end without notice. Our last show to play on Sirius was Scott Sigler’s Earthcore, the last words spoken were fittingly by Adam Curry. But none of us got to say goodbye to our listeners, and I really regret that.

via Amateur Traveller:

I just got an hour of my week back as I won’t be doing a version of the show (exactly 24 minutes, not a second more or less) for Sirius Satellite radio any more. I was doing this version through PodShow that has stopped this relationship with Sirius. I suspect that they stopped it because they were not getting paid for it and now that they see the value of what they are providing they are looking for someone who will pay for this content.

via Paul Colligan:

We’ll never know the numbers but I’d bet good cash that Podshow on Sirius sold more satellite radios to Podcasters than Sirius knows. People always support what they help create and now that “us Podcasters” are no longer part of the ever-less-important satellite radio scene, I see their numbers further flushing down the toilet.

via Podcast Fresh:

The contract may just involve the two companies but for me, since they are in media broadcasting and somehow involved public service and entertainment, it is just fair to let the people who patronize their products be informed whenever there will be a change in their service offerings just like what they are doing when they are launching a new service or announcing a new partnership.

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