Will Apple Be Able To Meet iPhone Demand?

May 5th, 2007 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

Apple iPhoneInterest in Apple’s upcoming iPhone appears to be growing.

According to ChangeWave analyst Paul Carton, their research reveals “exceptionally high levels of excitement surround the iPhone‚Äôs upcoming release. Nearly one-in-10 respondents (9%) say they are likely to buy the new iPhone once it becomes available in June.”

“Another 7% say they are likely to buy the iPhone as a gift for someone else,” adds Carton. According to the ChangeWave analysis, the survey provides strong evidence that Apple should be able to exceed their iPhone sales goals.

Of those that are not currently interested in purchasing an iPhone, 53% would be interested if Apple could offer the phone for $199 or less.

“The real issue for Apple isn‚Äôt meeting its first year iPhone sales goals. The survey shows that‚Äôs very doable,” said Carton. “The real issue is whether they can keep up with consumer demand ‚Äì including having enough parts to fulfill orders ‚Äì while maintaining product integrity.”

via MacDailyNews

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