e-Learning Software Maker Announces Podcast Capability

May 9th, 2007 | By | Category: Educational Podcasts, Podcasting Software

Angel LearningAngel Learning, a developer/marketer of enterprise e-learning software, has announced that the latest version of their Learning Management System program has built-in podcast support.

Responding to strong interest in the educational community for podcasting, ANGEL 7.2 contains a native feature to support content syndication in all forms. Faculty simply create a “Content Syndication” folder and load their media content. With a single click, students subscribe to the folder and receive the media on their iPods or other MP3 players.

Angel Learning is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and develops and markets enterprise elearning software. Their clients range from K through college educaitonal institutions, to corporate customers.

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  1. Mark Jones says:

    This is just fluff & purely speculative…….Don’t be fooled.

    You can already use an Itunes subscribe link in a web page. And, like any other site or system is placed in a folder.

    The real thing is tracking every time the podcast gets downloaded and having that information in a LMS database as it relates to competency and performance metrics.

    Let Angel prove this, and then they will really have something, otherwise, its just something any good programmer can do.

    Just total promotional guff…………..

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