Wants To Be AdSense Of Internet Video

May 14th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, Internet TV, Podcasting Services, Streaming Video, Video, an digital video advertising platform, today announced its public launch and a strategic partnership with Metacafe, one of the world’s largest video Web sites. The company’s technology is designed to not only analyze video content and determine the most relevant ad, but also to adapt in real time to viewer behavior, thereby increasing the success rates for publishers and advertisers.

The system analyzes each video, extracting an “understanding” of its context using metadata, speech recognition, and video interconnectivity information. Once the video has been analyzed, machine learning algorithms make rapid decisions about which ads to serve, analyzing user behavior in real time to improve the relevancy of ad placement.

Partnership with Metacafe

Metacafe, one of the world’s largest video Web sites, plans to use’s advertising platform to handle advertising for more than 24 million viewers who consume 500 million page views on Metacafe’s site every month.

“Metacafe is dedicated to providing the best entertainment experience to our viewers around the globe,” said Metacafe CEO Erick Hachenburg. “We are pleased to partner with to be able to offer online advertising in a format that is both relevant and pertinent to the interests of our viewers. With, we will have the capability to target ads that match the specific interests of the viewers to the videos they are watching in real-time.”

Advantages for Publishers, Advertisers, Viewers

By providing relevant “in-video” ads, hopes to provide better monetization for publishers, a higher return on investment (ROI) for advertisers, and an ad-serving format more likely to be accepted and used by viewers. lets publishers control the display, frequency, and placements of ads, while selecting ads relevant to viewers’ interests. Through’s pay-for-performance pricing, advertisers can manage costs and ROI while avoiding high CPMs and production costs. Users should receive more pertinent information delivered in a non-intrusive method.

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