RadioDaddy In The Dog House With Podcasters

May 29th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Services

radiodaddyRadioDaddy, an Internet exchange for free voiceovers for radio stations, television, podcasters and movies, has found itself in the dog house with many podcasters over the strange way it announced a new site, VoiceDaddy.

Podcaster Rob Walch took issue when he received this email from RadioDaddy:

From: “RadioDaddy”
Date: May 27, 2007 2:30:02 PM CDT
Subject: Voicedaddy – Licensed Traditional Broadcasters Only ( RadioDaddy )
For years the licensed broadcasters on RadioDaddy have complained about the kids and unprofessional people that run podcasts and internet stations. While there are many exceptions to this, for the most part they were right. So before a flame war begins, let me just say that I have a lot of internet stations on some podcasters whom are friends and they produce highly professional products and services. Unfortunatly with the ease of producing low quality podcasts and internet stations, children and the feable minded have become the majority operators of these. Thus, we have created as a haven for traditional broadcasters to come and hang out and share their work together. There will be a few exceptiong to the traditional broadcaster rule, on a case by case basis, but for the most part, podcasters, internet stations and pirates will not be allowed to post on Voicedaddy.

The barriers to entry in podcasting are so low that even the feeble-minded and children can create podcasts. Podcasting’s ease of entry, though, has led to an incredible variety of good free content.

By dismissing the ranks of podcasters, whose audience is growing explosively, to court traditional radio broadcasters, whose audience is in decline, RadioDaddy seems to be chasing after the past, rather than facing the future.

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  1. Murphy says:

    Did Rob also send you the immediate follow-up email (below)? If he didn’t, then I’d say he’s being irresponsible and just trying to stir things up.

    Subject: RadioDaddy / VoiceDaddy misunderstanding ( RadioDaddy )
    From: “RadioDaddy”


    I sent out a message a few minutes ago letting everyone know the changes happening over at VoiceDaddy. Unfortunately while trying to please one section of RadioDaddy, I’ve irritated a handful of people, podcasters mainly who didn’t seem to fully read my message or didn’t understand what I was saying, so let me first apologize to those who were offended. Next let me tell you what I meant and why we have taken these actions.

    Firstly – we love Podcasters and Internet broadcasters on They are a big part of the site, and that’s why we have made these changes only at voicedaddy. Secondly, my comments about children running podcasts and internet stations, was meant to only address that. I don’t think the wording implied that all podcasters and internet broadcasters were feeble minded children. That’s note what I wrote, nor what I implied.

    We have had a tremendous problem with kids posting requests that are poorly worded. Abuse of the reputation system, spamming the members with Pm’s asking for free stuff and just simple disrespectfulness to other members. Not a day goes by where I do not receive an email from a voicepro who has taken much time to produce a voiceover, about not being thanked, repped, or even been chewed out for not pronouncing something correctly in the free voiceover! This simply has to stop. The abuse seems to be coming primarily from kids on the system. Now most kids don’t work for a licensed broadcaster station, so they are podcasters and internet broadcasters.

    That said – please read this – Not all podcasters and internet broadcasters are kids! Many are hard working adults producing very professional products. And with that said – many are kids that are very respectful and hard working with a professional product as well! But unfortunately the bad kids have made it where the traditional broadcasters wanted a place of their own, so we have responded to that request. We did say that there would be exceptions to this rule on VoiceDaddy, and there will be.

    I think we have been fair on RadioDaddy since our beginning in 2004. We will always respond to the communty’s needs in a swift and fair fashion. Please in the future, give us the benefit of the doubt. I hope that clears up any confusion my previous email may have caused.

    If not – let me just say – Podcasters and Internet Broadcasters- we love you!

  2. Eric says:

    I’m sorry, Murphy, but the original email was obnoxious, and while the author certainly may not have intended offense, he did appear to be painting “most” podcasters with a very broad brush. I think you’ll agree, at least in part, that if he hadn’t originally sent out such a poorly worded and written email in the first place there would have been no need for a follow-up correcting his first message. I think Rob was right to call them on it.

    And on a side note, I think “Radio Daddy” isn’t in much of a position to complain about poor writing among “the kids.” Those emails are rife with typos and poorly constructed sentences, and as “official” correspondence to their clientele, should be considered an embarrassment on that level alone (Neverminding the sh**-storm they’ve generated)!


  3. Rob Walch says:


    This was pulled from my Blog post.

    And YES – I included both emails in the Original Post.

    I agree it would not be fair to do otherwise.

    Rob @ podCast411

  4. info says:

    Murphy, Rob

    Our intention was to highlight Rob’s story, so we only reproduced what we thought was necessary to let people understand the controversy.

    RadioDaddy’s follow up, though, is just as confused as the original message.

    On one hand, they say they love podcasters and Internet broadcasters. On the other hand, RadioDaddy says that calling podcasters and Internet broadcasters children or the feable minded only offended people that didn’t understand what they were was saying.

    Given the reaction that the two letters got from Rob and other podcasters, it seems accurate to say that RadioDaddy is in the doghouse with podcasters.

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  6. Felix DeCat says:

    Several “Voice Artists” who became disillusioned after this affair have banded together to create their own free voice website at . We invite everyone to participate in this new free community.

  7. Max says:

    Absolute bollox! Radiodaddy should be ashamed. This community is upcoming.. maybe try there for your voiceovers instead of the Daddy Network…

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