Rain Recording UK Intros Nimbus Pro Audio Workstation

Jun 2nd, 2007 | By | Category: Podcasting Hardware

Nimus windows audio workstationRain Recording have released the Nimbus Pro audio workstation line. The two versions, Q1 and Q2, utilize quad-core processor technology and new acoustical engineering to give the user power with near silent performance.


Nimbus Pro is built around Intel’s powerful Core2 Quad processor. Add to that up to 8GB of RAM, a Terabyte of recording space in a RAID-0 configuration, and the passively cooled GeForce 7300GT graphics processor by NVIDIA, and you have the makings of a professional audio workstation without equal.

The design of Nimbus Pro emerged as part of a research project initiated by President and CTO of Rain UK, Robin Vincent. The team pulled together a deadly quiet combination of acoustic lining, anti-vibration hard drive enclosures, and an extra-large, heat pipe CPU cooler.

Aiding in the cooling process is a beautifully designed chassis whose all aluminum constructions lets heat dissipate naturally. However, upon meeting Nimbus, the first thing you’ll notice is it’s unique, scissor doors that slide open to reveal the DVD¬±RW drive and room for front mounted ports.

Nimbus Pro comes standard with Microsoft’s newest OS, Vista Ultimate. The Q1 ships with the Vista 32-bit edition while Vista 64 Ultimate, able to address an amazing 8GB of RAM, is standard with the Q2. The new Nimbus Pro Q series sacrifices nothing to bring you the world’s most advanced technology on a stable, consistent and reliable platform so quiet you can record vocals with one sitting next to you.

Nimbus Pro Q1: Price £1,899 inc VAT (€2,810)
Nimbus Pro Q2: Price £2,849 inc VAT (€4,216)

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