FeedBurner Launches Blog and Podcast Headline Animator App For Facebook

Jun 4th, 2007 | By | Category: General, Podcasting Services

FeedburnerFeedBurner has introduced Headline Animator, an application that displays the latest headlines from Feedburner users’ blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds for Facebook users worldwide.

Facebook is a social utility that offers a way for people to stay connected with their friends and the people around them. Facebook is the sixth-most trafficked website in the United States.

Headline Animator is a dynamically generated graphic that displays the five most recent items in a blog, podcast or RSS feed. The graphic can be customized to reflect the publisher’s brand and it can be placed in a variety of locations including the bottom of an email, online bulletin boards or blog headers.

“FeedBurner’s customizable Headline Animator provides a simple way for our 422,000 online publishers to promote fresh content in a wrapper that reflects their unique personality, ” said Don Loeb, FeedBurner’s Vice President of Partner Services. “Now, Facebook users can easily share the latest headlines from their FeedBurner-powered blog, podcast or RSS feed on their Facebook profile page.”

Details are available at Feedburner’s Headline Animator page.

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  1. Jay Neely says:

    Where is the source on this? And where can Facebook/Feedburner users find this functionality? Checking my Feedburner, the Headline Animator only offers an HTML snippet, not a way to add my feeds to Facebook. And I can’t find anything searching for “FeedBurner”, “RSS”, or “Feeds” in Facebook’s App Directory, either.

  2. TokyoDan says:

    I looked on FeedBurner site and facebook site. feedBurner has info about the headine animator but nothing about a specific one fro facebook. Als FaceBook has no place (ebven in Edit Profile) where HTML generated by feedburner Headline animator utility can be posted.

    More details please.

  3. Dan says:

    I can’t actually find it though… It doesn’t appear in the list on Facebook, and there’s no mention on Feedburner’s site.

  4. info says:

    I edited the article to include a direct link to Feedburner’s headline animator page.

  5. Dan says:

    Thanks for the link, but it still doesn’t mention Facebook anywhere…

  6. TokyoDan says:

    What’s really funny is on the FeedBurner forum I posted that I couldn’t find any info anywhere about the FeedBurner/FaceBook headline animator on either site. And FeedBurner replied, thanking me for the good idea.


  7. info says:

    TokyoDan –

    That’s pretty funny – at least we’ve made it easier for the next person to find the info!

  8. OjoPatio says:

    Nuevo servicio Headline Animator de Feedburner…


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