Podworks Promises To Be India’s Biggest Podcasting Event Ever

Jun 7th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Events, Video Podcasts

PodworksPodworks, being held June 9th & 10th at TIDEL Park, Chennai, promises to be India’s largest ever event focusing on audio and video podcasting.

The event is a two-day unconference style workshop which intends to share the knowledge around audio and video podcasting, blogging, and video podcasting. The event is open to anyone curious to know more about podcasting as a form of new media.

“We are concentrating on both sides of the coin which includes audio and video podcasting,” said Podworks’ Kiruba Shankar. “With a wide range of topics which include basics of how to create a podcast meant for the beginners to advanced technological aspects for the regular users, this event aims to educate and cultivate a truly knowledge sharing experience “

The event is organized by The Knowledge Foundation, a non-profit body whose aim is to encourage learning by sharing knowledge.

According to Syed Nazir Razik, cofounder of The Knowledge Foundation, “Knowledge Foundation had formerly experimented with its unique formula of Unconference during BlogCamp in September last year which saw tremendous response from bloggers across the country. This time it hopes to sustain the same momentum or achieve more that what it gained last time.”

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