Launches; Like YouTube For Business Startups

Jun 7th, 2007 | By | Category: Citizen Media, Corporate Podcasts, General, Internet TV, Podcasting Networks has launched (or relaunched) as a sort of YouTube for entrepreneurs.

The name Vator comes the idea of an “elevator” pitch. Users can upload business pitches, where they can be rated & discussed. The company hopes to become a platform for making starting a business more efficient.

The startup was launched on a limited scale previously, but was mired in controversy because of co-founder Bambi Francisco’s coverage of clients in her role at Marketwatch. She has since resigned from Marketwatch.

“There are hundreds of thousands of individuals or corporations who would like to learn, and possibly invest, in this asset class of private investments. We hope to expose potential investments to them,” said Francisco. “Additionally, we‚Äôre focused on the broader concepts of innovation, across all aspects of the global economy and at all stages of development. We want to seed ideas for new companies to grand ideas at established ones.”

“Since the start of April, when I resigned from being a columnist at Dow Jones MarketWatch, my team and I have been on an accelerated development track, bringing this platform to market and supporting the millions of entrepreneurs whose ideas deserve a venue. It is still in its earliest forms, but we‚Äôre confident it‚Äôs the launching point for a new kind of innovation and community around innovators,” adds Francisco.

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