Filmmakers Release Their Movie On YouTube; Want You To Help Pay Off Their Credit Card Debt

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Filmmakers Arin Crumley & Susan Buice have released their film, Four Eyed Monster, in full on YouTube. The movie’s creation was documented as the Four Eyed Monster video podcast,and the movie is said to be the first full-length film officially released on YouTube.

Crumley & Buice’s work is notable for the ways that they have experimented with using the Internet to raise awareness of their film. They debuted the Four Eyed Monster video podcast in October of 2006, gave the movie a virtual showing in Second Life in January of this year and have been distributing the DVD independently via their site.

Unfortunately for Crumley & Brice, Four Eyed Monster is no El Mariachi – it’s more of a quirky art-house flick, and they managed to rack up tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt making the film.

So they are now experimenting with using YouTube to promote the film and, a filmmaking online community, to help pay off their debt. It might be a revolution in filmmaking or it could be a little pathetic, depending on your perspective:

You can find out more about the project at the Four Eyed Monster site.

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  2. Arin Crumley says:

    Correction. The film was never released at all on our video podcast. Our video podcast is completely different content then the film. The video podcast extends the story but also goes behind the story telling and shows the reality of making the movie. We also put out some video blogs about self distributing our film. Anyway, all that is available on our feed.

    Thanks for getting the word out, sites like this talking about the project really do help us a ton. The other thing to add is we are selling region free DVDs and DRM free downloads of our film on our site starting at only 3 dollars.
    take it easy,

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  4. Arin and Susan have done a great job in promoting Four Eyed Monster. They’ve broken down a lot of walls in their efforts. For instance, they did a campaign using map mashups to get peope out to their films.

    Pretty smart.

  5. info says:

    Arin – I updated the article based on your feedback to eliminate confusion.

    Alex – I agree. They are definitely exploring the new options that are now available with the Internet. The big question is whether or not this helps make better movies or can be used to promote them more effectively. I don’t think one film can answer this – but it’s very cool to see people pushing limits and experimenting.

  6. vivien says:

    arin and susan made super art project . way beyond just a movie , so funny how they r seen as filmmakers marketing their film . what they have done belongs at the guggenheim bieannal not on ifc . wake up $ obssesed art world ! cheers ! viv

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