PodZinger Changes Name To EveryZing

Jun 12th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Services, Video, Video Podcasts

everyzingMedia search technology company PodZinger has announced they will re-brand as EveryZing to reflect in its name that its future business operations which will go beyond podcasting. The company also announced a major expansion plan into all forms of online multimedia content.

PodZinger’s speech-to-text technology extracts text from audio and video files, offering additional information for search indexing. While the company has previously focused on podcasting, the technology has broader applications, not limited to podcast media files.

“By unlocking the contents of multimedia files, EveryZing is powering a shift in how multimedia content will be organized, accessed, and monetized into the future,” said Tom Wilde, CEO of EveryZing.

“Search has become the Internet’s operating system, and EveryZing’s solution uniquely bridges the gap between multimedia and search to drive consumption,” adds Wilde. “For our partners, higher consumption translates to an increase in advertising inventory and monetization at a higher value. In addition, with EveryZing’s web-based services platform, media companies can quickly integrate it into their existing content management, ad serving and search infrastructure.”

via Business 2.0

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