Was Steve Jobs WWDC Speech The Worst Keynote Ever?

Jun 12th, 2007 | By | Category: General

Was Steve Jobs WWDC Speech The Worst Keynote Ever?Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote speech is being called the worst keynote ever.

Maybe it was the Leopard update. While Leopard looks like it will feature nice refinements to OS X, enhancements don’t wow, especially enhancements that most people won’t see for months.

Maybe it was the announcement that Apple’s solution for opening the iPhone to developers was to let it run web apps. While this made for a cool demo, most people already expected the iPhone’s “real web” support to include running web apps. Besides, web apps don’t do you much good when you’re someplace with no phone service.

Maybe it was Safari for Windows. Most developers we know use Firefox, because it’s multiplatform, open and extensible. The fact that Safari is now best known for its Windows security vulnerabilities doesn’t help.

Was This Steve Jobs’ Worst Keynote Ever?

We’re not sure if it was Jobs’ worst keynote ever. That may have been the MacWorld keynote where Jobs blew off the Mac platform and announced that Apple wasn’t going to be a computer company anymore.

Our take is this:

  • A bad Steve Jobs keynote is better than no keynote at all;
  • Apple’s buggy Safari for Windows proves that Apple can make buggy Windows software better than even Microsoft can; and
  • If updates to OS X aren’t that exciting anymore, maybe it’s because Mac OS X is already the best damn operating system in the world.

Apple’s made the keynote available now, so you can view it and decide for yourself if you think it was his worst keynote ever. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. I think it is getting harder and harder for either Microsoft or Apple to really make any huge leaps and bounds in operating systems anymore, at least things that look or act differently to the average user. I think the average Mac user is more interested in the applications than the operating system and that is a spot where Apple shines. This is also a developers conference after all. I think the hype makes any announcement seem anti-climactic. I am more interested in iLife these days than OS-X anyways and I think most Mac users are of the same opinion.

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